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FT Mustang Master Series

Design By: John Overstreet
Plans By: Dan Sponholz
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The Master Series Mustang is a classic warbird that provides as much satisfaction in building as it does flying it! Utilizing Master Series build techniques and designed by John Overstreet, the build experience for this aircraft is absolutely remarkable. The FT Master Series Mustang is a very scale representation of one of the most iconic warbirds. The kit comes with two different canopy options so you can build it as the D model with a bubble canopy or a B model with a razorback canopy. The Mustang is capable of standard aerobatics and high energy flight that any experienced 4 channel pilot would enjoy.

This aircraft uses the Flite Test Power Pack C with a traditional 4 channel setup and has a wide performance envelope that intermediate and advanced pilots will love! This is a fantastic next chapter for anyone looking to advance from our classic Mustang kits to a more scale and sophisticated design!

Speed Build Kit:
FT Mustang Master Series Speed Build Kit

Power Pack Compatibility:
Power Pack C

48.25 Inches (1225mm)
Center of Gravity: 3 Inches (76mm) In front of belly scoop

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A great resource. Thank you all for your hard work in creating it and sharing it.
This plane is both a very good flyer and looks very scale. Also not too hard to build.
awesome design
Absolutely fantastic design, no issues with formers or spacing etc, time to get that motor in and fire her up 😍