FT P-38 mod


Has anyone set up the P-38 with functioning rudders and ditched the differential thrust? Setting up dif thrust on my radio is turning into a nightmare and I’m kind thinking of switching to just rudders.
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what Tx do you have?

i use 3 basic mixes for thrust diff

mix 1 - throttle to Aux1 100%
mix 2 - throttle to rudder -100%
mix 3 - rudder to Aux1 100%

i think trying to rig up twin rudders in the p-38 is gonna be a pain and add a ton of weight to the back of the plane were you dont want it.

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in the P-38 you have two twin booms tht easy can hide/support the pushrods. Then you can mount 2 servos quite far in front behind motors on the wing, into nacelles.....
i have a "similar problem", but no booms , a more delta style with rudders on outsides.
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No need for two servos. Run a pushrod from one rudder to the other, under the horizontal stab. Then a single servo controls both.