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Hi everyone. This P40 is my first Flite Test build and I enjoyed the project very much. The plane is quite nose heavy...even when the battery is back as far as possible. If I hang 17gm (0.5oz.) of washers from the tail skid it balances. My question is: what is the best way to attach the weight to the airplane?
Thanks in advance.


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Mine came out nose heavy as well. If it balances on the cg…it balances on the cg. I just epoxied a small weight underneath the tail as far back as I could. It is a very easy flier. Trust your instincts and balance it. If I remember correctly 3/4 throttle…about 30 degree angle…not too much….and throw it with a bit of authority. Same as the FT Spitfire. Don’t panic…and she flies straight out.
Good luck on the maiden.


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I will say that the CG is a lot more forward than you think. It should be only about an inch from the leading edge. If you don't have any stick-on weights, you can use fishing weights. If not that, I have cut up some glue sticks and put them in the tail and if the weight is right, glued them in place. Like Yankee said, trust your gut, and throw that thing. Honestly is the best flying plane I have, but I crashed it twice before I got the CG right... That is a part of the hobby, crash, fix, rebuild, fly, repeat.