FT Simple Storch - BUILD


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The Storch is one of the easiest trainers to build and fly. Thanks FT.



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Hi guys, should I laminate my fresh-sliced styrofoam (6 mm thick sheets) with PAPER, or should I use it 'as is'?
My issue is we haven't any 'Depron'-like sheets here in Ukraine, at least for reasonable prices, so I made thermocutter and had a pair of sq. meters of 'homemade Depron' almost for free... So, what about paper?


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Doculam is an adhesive film used for laminating paper to preserve it. Available most places office supplies are sold. My local Walmart has the thin colored kind which works well...


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ok, i am looking for it to be slow and steady AND i already have a powerpack b sitting around. this will be my 11 year old daughters plane


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Hello all, just a quick question, CAN this plane be flown with FT's powerpack "B"?
I would NOT recommend that at all. You will not be happy with the performance. It will be a handful on the B Pack motor.

You would be much better off building the Scout or the Cub with the B pack, or buying a C Pack for the Storch.


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Wait a sec... what? Not recommended? Disappointed? On the PP B page you can clearly read "Anything between 1-2lbs (500g-1kg) would be fine". The Storch is around 700g if you don't put tons of glue everywhere, so it fits perfectly in this range. I had a lot of fun flying the Storch with a variety of motors between 80w and 160w - way less than the power pack B. Want some proofs? No problem:


I know some of you feel disappointed when the plane can't achieve unlimited vertical, but you know what? The sky have three dimensions. And the planes have wings for a reason.

@Gnommad : YES, this plane CAN be flown with the Power Pack B. It will not be very powerful, but it will be enough. That's how it was meant to be. Good luck, and have fun!


I installed the motor ESC, servos and radio out of my first Conscendo Advanced. I programed the AR636 with the Maule M7 program. As noted by some posters on this board it was under powered, but flew. I fly off grass here at my house so the long takeoff rolls were unacceptable. So I installed the motor and ESC out of my first Maule M7. I had to add weight on the tail for balance. That shortened my take off roll about 99.9%. I never got over half throttle and after landing saw that it was trying to pull the power pod out of the nose. So now waiting for the FT recommended motor. This was a fun project so I also ordered a Simple Scout and will try the Conscendo Advanced motor and ESC in that.


Received and installed the FT EMAX GT2215/09 1180kV motor. The balance was right on and it flew very nice. After tweaking the AR636 program a little, adjusting for level Safe flight and turning off the THR to ELE Mix, the Storch is a very nice scale flyer. The flaps were a great option as well, you can really drag it in to land very slow. I'm very happy with it and it will be a good airplane for my young Grand Son to fly.

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I'm with @Bayboos it doesn't take nearly as much power to fly as you might think. It does take some skill however. It's nice to have a little extra to get out of trouble once in a while though... ;)


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I built my Storch using the Power Pack 'C', and she flies beautifully. I fly off a dirt runway, and take-off at around half throttle or so. She does a reasonable take-off roll, then lifts easily into the air. I've flown her twice now, and find her to be one of the easiest planes to land of any that I've flown.

So far, I've not flown her with the leading-edge slats, nor did I incorporate the optional flaps. Next flight, I might just advance her to full throttle in flight, and see what she does for "full speed."

Here's the video of her maiden. About the closest thing to any mishap, was I drifted off the side of the runway while landing. Otherwise, I was quite happy with that touch-down.