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FT Spitfire Motor

Hey all! I just built another spitfire after I smoked one in flames and I’m testing a new motor. I’m going to use the new Propdrive V2 2836 1000kv. It looks like the old NTM series motors. Anyways, there is zero prop data for this motor. Has anyone used it yet? If so, what prop are you using? I plan to run a 9x6 prop on a 30amp esc with burst current to 40amp.



4s mini mustang
I just did some research and found out that the motor pulls 15 amps with a 9x6 prop on 3 cell, but 20 amps on 4s. I think that your choice of esc is good because you still have some wiggle room if the motor pulls more amps than expected. I found the information on this website if you want to see it yourself, good luck!


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Yeah, with a 9x6 prop on 3s you only get about 800 grams of thrust. But on 4s you get about 1200 grams of thrust while only pulling about 20amps. Looks like a decent little motor. 4s would give you plenty of power.
Thanks for the info! That’s an impressively small amount of amp pull on 4s. That was my hope by using 9 in props when this can is designed to handle 10 I’m sure