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FT Vectors, with Direction and Magnitude!


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I know the name is awful, that's why I don't name things.
This will be the group build thread for the Ft Vector it is completely open to anyone who wants to join in on the fun and build a Vector. You can build it as a basic bank and yank, a forward swept swept wing, a 4ch high alpha beast, the choices are endless
So far the people building one will be
Yours truly
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WWII fanatic
To get the ball rolling I'm going to be scaling the Vector up by 150% and building it with a kfm wing. I'm going to build it with the optional rudder and possibly movable canards. I plan to power it off of the FT C pack motor in 4s.
So far I've only got the plans printed out, I'll be tiling and taping them together tonight.


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I really got excited by this plane after seeing some video on it. I sometimes will run anything RC plane related and the build vid has come up a few times. But it was the maidens I saw that impressed me, plus I miss having the prop and slot in the hangar. I do have the goblin that I am just getting dialed in now, still waiting on a on board cam in the mail for this machine. So I have my elevon/bank and yank plane for now. In the mail I am also waiting on servos so when those come in there will be a spike in the builds goin on around here.

Mine I would also like to scale up, 130% to fit 8" props. I will be using my same 1200kv on an 8x8 or 8x10 prop. and I think it will just be the two servo elevon, no rudder... as of rite now, that might change, it's on the fence. A 40 amp ESC on a 2200mah 3s. I remember the A-22 I put this package in was super fast, wish I would have gotten footage on that one. I still have the plans for the 122% nose from the alpha I could use on here s well. We will see, it is usually a very fluid on deck kinda plan...

The Hangar

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I'll be ordering some more parts kits here soon and I'll put this on the list to build(y). The Vector will probably not be a thing for another few weeks to a month before I can get around to it, but it may happen sooner, especially if I order a speed build kit.
Same, It'll be a little while before I get to this one...