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FT Versa Wing EDF


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I know this has been done quite a few times but I had a 70mm edf out of my Zypher laying on the bench so I just had to build my version!

Just a couple short clips. I've been wanting to get some video of this plane for a couple weeks now so I can post it and I didn't have my cameraman today, I had my camera mom. So please don't hate on my videos and that's why there are two.


I decided to put the esc outside to help with cooling.


I actually folded the two wing halves onto the mounting tabs of the EDF then added shims to firm things up.


Here's how I cut and laid the EDF in. Not sure why I put yellow wing tape. I thought it would look cool at the time. Rather than score cut the leading edge of the wing and fold it I took the paper off the inside and folded it so it gave it a more smooth, streamlined look.


Bottom view with EDF hanging out. I wanted the fan to get all the air I could give it. The fan shroud isn't broke. I cut it when it was in my Zephyr because I put the esc behind the fan instead of inside the cramped compartment.


After my maiden I had to add a thrust tube. Every time I gave it a bunch of throttle it wanted to nose into the ground. The thrust tube fixed that.


Because of all the cutting for the fan there isn't a lot holding things together back here so I added a bunch of 12 inch long bamboo skewers, covered them in hot glue and poked them through into each wing half.
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