Help! FT viggen two - wheel landing gear?+ battery connectors


Is it possible to make a two wheel landing configuration like with a tail dragger or such for an edf jet like the ft viggen? Thank you!
Also, can you use the FT battery splitter included in the power pack to connect two lipos into series to make two 2s into a 4s? And last, I have two 2s (450 mah each). If I wire the two in parallel that should be enough to power the simple cub right? Is there anyway I can calculate flight time based on that?
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You can connect two LiPo is series to double the cell count or in parallel to double the capacity BUT the batteries must have identical mAh capacity and C rating.

EDFs tend to very amp hungry. Make sure your 2s+2s battery is up to the task.


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450Mah is nowhere near enough capacity for either the Cub or an EDF. If you check the store page for the Simple Cub, it calls for a 1300-1800Mah battery. I have flown my Viggen on a 4S-3300, but it is happier with 4400 Mah of capacity. As others have posted, EDF's are quite thirsty.