FT What Did You Do RC Today : Caution Offtopic At All Times


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C-130 has flown to another. still got plenty other planes if you want to swing by... (y)
I should do so, despite still having two FT planes to finish building, the new UMX Pitts to fly, an F9F Panther on the way from Motion (for a special project I have in mind), the F-15 from the AEF to finish, and the F-4 from Pete's collection to decide what to do with. :p


Seeing I haven't posted anything on FT in a while, here goes, this past weekend I picked up an ole used Flying Fish R/C boat and a used Avistar plane with with 72 Mhz Futaba radio, 40 OS engine, receiver and servos for 40 bucks, I had to ya know, hey 40 bucks(y) the wife just don't understand, I said hey babe they needed a home!! The boat don't run, the electronics come in contact with some H2O, going to up update it with an ESC and 2.4 radio and receiver for the grandson's to play with, grandpa might need to take turn to ;) The Avistar will clean it up and patch it up and get it running, oh ya I can smell that glow fuel already:love: ya just can't get that smell for EP motors :( install some fresh batts for the radio and receiver, make a good beater plane. So that's what I did today in R/C, well this past weekend, close enough:cool: