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FTFC19 ADF-01 Falken designed by Fluburtur

Sorry I havent updated for a while (or been active at all for that matter).
A lot of stuff happened since last time, I completely ran out of money for once so couldnt afford to work on the Falken much more despite it being 90% done, also I have been working on other stuff.


The Falken is currently in storage in an attic, it is in good shape and is waiting patiently to get worked on.

Also I have been working on making a robot for autonomous robot races, at the maker faire in 2019 I talked with peoples doing a robot race in Toulouse and with peoples that makes raspi based controllers for small robots so I started making a big tracked robot for that, reusing the parts from the AMX-13


The hull will be laser cut by some dudes I met at the maker faire that have access to a fablab with the required equipment, mechanical parts will be printed and it will actually have proper bearings.

Also some of you might remember, I tried to make a business selling rc planes a while back and that didnt work out.
However I also do cosplay stuff and that has started picking up, especially one of my models.


Thats right, I started making protogen fursuit heads and I have to say it is working out quite well. I might still get a part time job on the side whenever possible but that alone could end up paying for my RC projects.
I still have to see where that will go but I have good hopes.