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FTFC19 - April Showers by Rockyboy, Italian FT Simple Scout


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I like what I see in the background. Let me know how you formed the leading edge on the green foam.
That was the FW-42 Monster build circa March last year - at that point it was hot wire cut and after I sheeted it I installed a balsa leading edge and sanded it all to shape. Link to that project here: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?37085-Monster-sized-Fock-Wulf-FW-42

While I'm tossing out other project info, last night I started my next build too. :D


And I'm still wrapping up this scout. Added the green stripe to the Italian colors on the tail. Looks nice with the roundels :D
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All done - pencils down! :D The tail pieces are glued on, the control rods and horns installed and adjusted, and 1/4 oz of weight added next to the ESC so she balances right.

But you might ask "What the heck is up with that turtle deck?"....



When it came time to cut the poster board for the turtledeck, I happened to look over at last year's calendar I rescued from the trash and was using for paint masking. It was the right weight of material, and there were even a couple pages with fun designs.

So yeah - this is my plane and I'm sticking with it :cool:


I'm thinking that blue peacock picture would make a great turtledeck for a blue scout inspired by the Hansa Brandenburg that @Hai-Lee found. :D


Probably use the rest for paint masking though.

I do still need to put a coat of WBPU on the turtledeck and she'll be ready for light rain or operations off a pond. Not fully waterproof - but the ESC and receiver are tucked away in water resistant areas, so she should be good for a flight or two for the April challenge. :D
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