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FTFC19 - April Showers by FoamyDM, Savoia Marchetti S55X (Porco Rosso)


Building Fool-Flying Noob
For the FTFC19 April Showers Challenge I will submit one From Scratch build that is in my idea folder:
Savioa Marchetti, SM-55 depicted in Porco Rosso
This was a real plane. First as a military vehicle then turned into a commercial endeavor.
Project Ambitions: Design and build this plane, flying it, then make is watertight and Fly it in the rain.
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There's so much to like about this design, twin boom tail, twin engine and twin hull!
If/When you get a working set of plans I might just have to try this one.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
yup it's all Twinsies (technically its a 5-some)
@kilroy07 already started.
@rockyboy - Thanks!
In Porco Rosso, there were like a fleet. (briefly) I'll have to pull out the VHS and watch it again...