FTFC19 Build-ruary by FoamyDM


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FTFC19 Build-ruary by FoamyDM (Build Skill: 4 Skilled, Pilot SKill: 2 Novice)


  1. FT-Storch Kit
  2. 445mm Micro Wing -For the kids
  3. FT-SeaDuck Kit Kolibri High-Alpha Flyer
  4. FTFC - Fantasy Design & Build: Heaven's Spade - Dragster
Extras: FT Explorer (lit)



Saved for later:

Base on the Experience from Last year, I wanted a number of Simple to put together with one Experimental Plane
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
Build 1 - FT Storch Speed Build KIT

I have two boys who will likely wish to try their hand at daddy's obsession. As their interest grows and their sim success increases, it is best to have a good docile large craft that is simple to tell orientations with. That is my goal with this craft.


Feb 20th:

I cracked open the storch build kit on the 19th and started. however I have taken longer than I want... I'm hoping to be significantly complete by tomorrow night and ready for maiden flight be Friday!
I'll take pictures tonight, but I am doing little but adding a wooden stick 3/8x3/8 in. just as insurance.
Feb 21st:
I have started and the build. I have the wing and servos, and the fuse folded, but left it open. I will be trying to spray glue (super77) on the Dollar Store cellophane/shiny wrapping paper
Note, Put the dihedral prior to gluing the dowel/stick. Oh well, I 'll have to manage a straight wing.
Here are some progress pics:

Feb 22nd:
I added the Wrapping paper to the wing in the morning. It worked great and covered fast. The wing took almost a roll. (there isn't that much for a dollar). I will tackle the fuse soon here, then I button it up and connected the servos to the horns. Should be complete tonight.
Feb 24th
Finished up this plane build yesterday. Today it stopped being miserable out, but there was a hefty breeze.
IMG_20190224_005752145.jpg IMG_20190224_005806965.jpg IMG_20190224_005818199.jpg IMG_20190224_005913714.jpg IMG_20190224_005929368.jpg IMG_20190224_005956369.jpg
I cannot wait for the weather to fly this.
Feb 25th:
I wish I had built this kit when I first picked it up. what I learned about the landing gear alone was worth it. I cannot wait to fly this in less gustier winds.

Maiden Flight:

Take away:
- add the dihedral before gluing wooden spar in.
Build landing gear like this plane. it is SOLID
Don't - Try to heat cellophane like covering without testing it on scrap first
Add reinforcement to the foam wheel hubs as they cannot take the inevitable hard landing.
just attach the wing with 1 rubber band.
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Build 2 - KFM 480mm wing
I like having a small accessable craft to have with me at all times. It's fun to fly, easy and quick to build, and I wanted something I

Build log:

i started cutting 16 of these around 10:45 and finished around 12:15. I then took double sided tape, packing tape and straws and pieced it together. Note that I removed paper on all unexposed surfaces to lighten it. And put in a BBQ spar, friction fit in.

I hot glued the fins. (Not needed really) added four nose pennies, (or 2 nickels) add reflex and pushed from the motor mount. Success!
Now I know with help, the scouts can build this if they want. Minimal glue needed.
Now I will make is DLG version. With mounatble motor system
Built out by 12:50. Tested and tweaked till 2am. Final product pics tonight.
Feb 12th update:
Got out Sunday to fly it. I rushed it and broke a prop landing on the pavement. I have some flaps to fix up. I'll have to try again... Maybe tomorrow at lunch.

I ended up re-making the control surfaces and made them bigger as the foam-removed ones were a bit flimsy. I my try one sided paper to keep it stiff but lighter.
Maiden Flight:

The craft is simple to control, but due to it's small size and relatively fast speed, it can be a challenge.
The flight was ended when a tree ate it. fortunately it was a short climbable tree (crape myrtle ).

Take away:
I like this design. It is portable. you can make two models from 1 sheet of foam, the components are easy to find and it is VERY durable, and can be made more so. with strapping tape, and craft sticks.

Do's: on this small of a craft it is Important to get the CG right. I will make sure to add them to the plans.
Don'ts: don't remove too much paper, otherwise you will have to add more in glue and wood.
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Build 3 - FT-Sea Duck Speed Build KIT Kolibri High-Alhpa Flyer

Plan Link:
Reason for Building: After having my children find a slightly renewed interest in flying planes (not cutting or building much), possibly due to a grounding from electronics (except RC sims ;)). And asking them do you really not want to fly? They confessed it was the building that was much of the issue. I decided to adjust my build tactics here and build a simple to fly, fast to build, durable looking plane using the ready to install components I have.

Build Log.

Feb 17th: I started the build on a 30min work-break my son had for school work. 2 Sheets
IMG_20190217_193518655.jpg IMG_20190217_193513407.jpg IMG_20190217_200817977.jpg
I managed to cut both sheets in 30 minutes. I wasn't looking for a speed record, but I was moving briskly so we were ready to resume the show the three of us were enjoying together.
I build this for my youngest (6 yr. old) son. I asked him What colors, and he chose Green... and orange. I didn't have the web at hand, phone charging, so I though how could I goof this up? well I thought the winglets were nose-doublers. for durability :cool:. I was wrong.:LOL: Either way I was thinking What terrible colors to choose. Then I saw the white foam and thought... a-ha! Irish Flags! They are both 1/2 irish, as their Mother is Irish (straight from leprechaun stock).
Then I spend the next 2-3 hrs. Meticulously taping... I wanted the color design such that it is EASY to tell up from down, and left from right, as the shape is similar to an arrow showing the flight direction. It wasn't until late when I re-found the thread for CG, and I saw my folly with the winglets, and I determined the servo locations. I am now ready to get it ready for a test. I plan to Glue/water-proof the edges. And use a water proofing spray (for camping) to extra protect this. I plan to use it as a all weather flyer.
IMG_20190217_224653558.jpg IMG_20190218_003934695.jpg IMG_20190218_014008359.jpg
OH, last note. I have really liked the Bottle cap motor mount and tried it was great success on the F class motor. (generic) so now I can swap it around that way.
I expect to finish this one tomorrow or Tuesday.

There is plenty of room up front to cut out a slot for FPV too. I'm sure we will all enjoy the ride!

I will likely build a second, and spray it red for my oldest son. (I have another motor setup)

Feb 18th:
Spent some time at lunch putting on the finishing touches.
Here are the pics:
IMG_20190218_150750281.jpg IMG_20190218_150819511.jpg IMG_20190218_150850954.jpg

Maiden Flight:
(my experience)

This was a handful to fly, but I did not fiddle with the CG much. it was touchy on the roll, and elevator control was iffy. However I think I should be able to get this to be fun, and I look forward to having this as a go to plane at the field.

Take Away:
add space between the motor and the plate.
add doublers
Don't the winglets as doublers,
use the wrong eng of the A-pod to mount the motor.

It only took 3 yrs... The successful Maiden!
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Build 4 - Crimson Skies: Heaven's Spade - Dragster (Med. Fighter) design by FoamyDM


Plan Link: HS-Dragster_Full.pdf

Reason for Building: I have built the Heaven's Spade Carrier and HS-Sparrow as part of the FTFC19-Fantasy Design Build Challenge. I had this designed and cut out, ready for assembly. This one a hybrid speed build Kit. Which is mostly complete, but complete untested. Most of the details of assembly are set up right. However, I will have to adjust and tweak. Like the front cowl and the power pod attachment. I will run this as if it were a 'cuda and see where it goes...

Build Log:

January 15th:
Preparing the Pre-cut "kit"
IMG_20190115_001844030.jpg IMG_20190115_001928352.jpg

the rear line is a guide for the trailing edge bevel . Keep the paper on for glue adhesion. same with the middle section and leading edge.
Feb. 10th: on the 10th this month I took a moment to shape the trailing and leading edges with a hot iron.

Feb. 11th: This is is the progress I made last night, from the cut parts. Taped and formed. Looks a lot like a Laine's planes - 'Cuda
IMG_20190211_224805428.jpg IMG_20190211_224818467.jpg IMG_20190211_224828343.jpg IMG_20190211_224838794.jpg
IMG_20190211_230257052.jpg IMG_20190211_234222803.jpg

Build Note: I need to figure out how I will mount the wing, and power pod... It will be a B pod plane, but it may end up with B. Also the cowl on the plans was too wide by the papered section plus 3/16". from the center seam.
Design note: I really like how this has come together. I didn't plan parts of it out too well, so I will mount the servos vertical with the arms pointing to the wing tip. with one canard servo slaved to the elevator. I should have a few form guides to place along the fuse, to guide the shape. and give a pocket for the power pod. it really did well on it's own, but it might stiffen the squareness.
Tonight: Electronic, and CG glide test.

Feb 12th update:
I did not accomplish as much as planned last night.
I cut the wing holes. The fit wasn't what I wanted. I ended up centering servos. I have some trimming to do and a motor mount to add. It's progress, but less than I wanted. I have decided to use Elbow macaroni for the engine exhaust tubes. No pics. Oh
CG is calculated at 1.25" behind the middle front of the wing.

Feb 13th update:
Got my chance for more work late, but I was able to get it closer.
More taping, added Ailerons, cut wing to accept vertical stabilizer. Plan to add a fuse bottom guide to ensure it stays perpendicular to the wing. I did not add control horns, servos,and the motor guide yet. plus the blower and machine gun. Lastly, I need a cockpit too. I think I will put the wing tie downs there. Here are some progress glamour shots.

IMG_20190214_080032051.jpg IMG_20190214_080041945.jpg IMG_20190214_080105462.jpg IMG_20190214_080116693.jpg

Feb 18th update:
I worked on this at the onset of the weekend and Discovered that My motor mount ideas worked. Mostly. Where the B/C motor pod is tucked in, the bottom is the same height as the spar. So I removed the foam and top layer where the pod sits. and then build a pod housing. (still keeping the bottom paper, and packing tape reinforcement) so now I am all set to put in the rudder, and glide test. As it was raining all weekend I decided to work on other things, like then next build, and other project design concerns. At this point it is almost time.

Feb 20th:
Took some pictures of the pod mounting. while I'm sure my formers will function, you can always try the method pictured.
IMG_20190220_003048055.jpg IMG_20190220_003054695.jpg
The bottom of the pod sat level with the cannard bottom, so to accomodate I cut out the top and foam of the cannard area under the pod with the packing, this produced a secure result.
While I reinforced the pod walls for the skewer at the pod end, I didn't reinforce the fuse. I recommend you that.

Feb. 25 & 26th:
I finished putting the servos in, and extensions, cut an access port for the servos. and then tried to fit an internal spot for the battery... it is mounted at the VERY back of the bottom of the Vertical Stab base... that puts it nose heavy still. I think I will change the ESC and use a 4 cell. :)confused:)

Rating - I just rated the build level on this (while not entirely done I used a number of advanced build techniques and formwork to get this close to the image.
Feb 28th:
I was going to maiden this last night I went to connect the batteries, and the extender is 2mm too short and disconnected. I took it as an omen. I am very proud of this build, and I suspect it will fly like a 'Cuda: Fast and Dangerous. So no Maiden Video.

Maiden Flight:


  • HSDragster.pdf
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Bonus Build - FT Explorer Devil's Dozen - Big Bat Inspired by Crimson Skies Concept Art

Build Log - Abbreviated

Tried a new technique - friction spar

This is my First Giant Scale Plane (>80" wingspan)

The weight is just what I expected it to be with the model near

The Front was just TOO big for anything by a MUCH larger motor. So I trimmed it down. Plus I want to make the Fish eyes out of 3-liter bottles.

I want to balance it and attempt a toss across the yard.

Alas but I have plans tonight. I am seeing my Favorite Singer Songwriter. He is from Boston, when to school @ Villanova outside Philly.
He doesn't get down to my neck of the woods but a few nights a year.

Shame-less plug for the artist I am seeing tonight.
Ryan Montbleau

Glide Test
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HS-Dragster updated with progress glamour shots. (Post #5)

↑Miss Ava Gardner - born in Grabtown NC, museum in Smithfield NC (30 mins away)


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Changed Build Three to the Kolibri High-Alpha Flyer.
Updated the Dragster Update


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worked on the flyer on lunch... It is ready for an electronics check and maiden...(debating wheels for takeoffs.


Skill Collector
She looks sharp!

The link to the plans doesn't go anywhere - are they all done yet? And do we get to see maiden flight this weekend? :D


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I am nearly All done with the build (finish and test electronics tonight, and I should be able to glide this tomorrow...
This build and the Bomber I am VERY excited about.


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I have updated the Storch build, and the Dragster pod mount details.

Please note in the chart below the frequency of days with either rain, or fog during non-work, (M-F 9-5) hours where the ground might be dry-ish. It has been mist/spit spraying all week.

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I have added all the flight footage I have to-date and updated the threads with ratings, and do's and don'ts. I have one maiden I may tackle tonight.


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I have updated my Extra Build. It is the Big Bat. While built, there are no electronics (although it is simple enough I don't have the time. 5 or 6 servos. 2 long Y-connectors I would need to build. and just plum out of time and steam.


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I added the late night glide test. I got close and the CG is ~1/4" behind the marks.