FTFC19 Wing Commander Hornet designed by AircPirateNinsei


The electronics are installed and the Hornet V0.1 is ready for its maiden flight!


Instead of the originally planned F-Pack electronics I installed A-Pack compatible electronics and a 6" propeller.
As battery I use a Turnigy nano-tech 3s with 850 mAh. The AUW is 258 g (9.1 oz) and the Dry Weight 187g (6.6 oz).





The Hornet with 1000mm wingspan is almost finished. The lower part of the fuselage is still missing. A maximum of one 8" propeller fits. As motor I will try a RCTimer/DYS BC2830/8 1300KV (Max Power: 275W) with a 4s battery. Because of the larger area of the elevons I use two 9g servos.

I'm so sorry there won't be an F-Pack setup, but maybe a B- or C-Pack setup?
I'll test the 52g 2830 motor first, before mounting the 70g 2836 motor.
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The days here are still short and when I come home from work it is already dark again. There is only the weekend for a test flight, provided that the weather plays along. I hope to fly the new Hornet this weekend. Then there will also be a video.

The parts are ready and a BETA plan can be made. So far I only have an ALPHA plan from which I created 1:1 png files with Inkscape for my Benbox Laser.


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The maiden flight of V0.2 was successful.
The Hornet flies fantastic and I think it is perfect for a FT Power Pack B setup.
Unfortunately there was a small pilot error which led to a crash.


Love the Wing Commander game segments!!

Looks like an excellent flying model too - I thought you were going for a touch and go near the end and it looked like it handled great! (y)


Many thanks to all of you! I was positively surprised by the flight characteristics. It's a wing aircraft with a background - did Chris Roberts think it would really fly? The game segments just had to become part of the video. Fortunately DosBox has a recording function.:)

I have now also created the build plan. It is now available for download at airc-pirates.com!

The Hornet is made from 3 pieces of foam board.
To build the Hornet, follow the order of the part numbers and the instructions in the plan!

Also the trading card is finished and available for download!