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FTFC20 Janowski J-1 "Don Kichot" designed by MarioGdV *CANCELLED*


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Edit: This project has been cancelled due to complications in the process of designing. I wanted to build it because the cabin was perfect for FPV, but I can't place the battery anywhere else without pushing the CG to the tail. Sorry for disappoint you guys :(. However, I'll be trying to build a foamboard version of the Carl Goldberg Tiger 2.
I'll leave the rest of the message with the plans here in case someone wants to build it.


Hello everybody! This is my FTFC20 thread, I'll post the Build-Log, the videos and the plans here. The model I'm going to make is, as the title says, the Janowski J-1 Prząśniczka, also known as Don Kichot or Don Quixote. It was a homebuilt Ultralight Aircraft, made in Poland in the 60s/70s by Jarosław Janowski.

don-quixote.jpg Sin título.png
It honestly looks a lot like the FT Explorer, but when I realized that it was too late (sorry!).

The balsa plans I'm going to use are from the RCM Magazine. I found them in one of the links that Rockyboy shared: Link (original plans and article in the attached files of the post).
The original balsa plane has a bit more than 1'5 meters of wingspan, and this plane is going to have exactly 1'5m, so it's going to be almost 1:1 scaled (just slightly smaller). Since the fuselage is thin and the FT Explorer has a similar size, I don't think there's going to be any problems with the weight. It will also be powered with a Powerpack compatible with the Explorer (PowerPack C).
This Challenge is about turning a classic balsa plane into a modern foamboard plane, so I think that adding a FPV System would be awesome, since it's one of the newest things in this hobby. I'll try to do that, but it's not one of my goals. First I'll try to build it and make it fly, then I'll add the FPV System.


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