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FTFC22 mini bush plane build challenge

Should I pull up the deadline

  • Yes, march 21st

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yes, march 14th

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No, march 31st

    Votes: 8 61.5%
  • dellay it to april foools day

    Votes: 5 38.5%

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well... it seems that the challenge is changing every few days. I have a build I am doing that might quality, so I will link it when it is done, but I am building my build.

So I take it 3D printed parts are out also? (even if they could be easily replaced with hobby plywood)
Iif you provide plans and test it out with the easily made from hobby plywoood version, then of course you can 3d print. as long as there is another, tested working option.
No, I am completely fine, if you drwa out, on a sheet of paper your measurements and say "scale up by 200%", as long as it is even, like half an inch, an inch, not one 1/16, on the full scael, such plans are fine. tim mckay uses plans like that on his bronco:


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Well I don't know If I'll be able to participate seeing that I'm not very good at drawing up plans. If you're interested the airplane in the pictures (Dragonfly MKII build thread) could be easaly made from foam board and 1/4" square spruce. It may be a bit heavier than the depron, epp, and carbon one though.

The Hangar

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So here’s what I’ll be entering:
It’s a project that I started two years ago for Flitefest 2019 however I finally have it flying about where I wanted. I still have a couple changes to make (mainly adding the nose skin) but then the plans will be ready to release. And for those wondering, yes, it is a bush plane, even though it’s a low wing. It’s called the evangel 4500 and was used as a bush plane on the mission field for a while. Here’s a pic of the full scale:

Here’s some flight video of mine. It flies great on a twin A pack, and the battery was a 1000mah 3s, but it was an old pack so it was giving me about the power a 2s pack would.

The Hangar

Fly harder!
Wow! amazing build. when are the plans coming out? also what props is it using? Could you please make a video where you just talk on and on about it? but nice work!
Thanks! I have the plans drawn out except for the nose skin, then I need to make them look pretty then I can release them. I’ll make a build/overview video for it.
@The Hangar If you want to I would really like if you could give a beginner pilot the controls, as I will be building the winner's and I am not confident in my flying abilities. But really thanks for notifying. also pls add landing gear so that I can see its actuall stol capabilities.

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Fly harder!
@The Hangar If you want to I would really like if you could give a beginner pilot the controls, as I will be building the winner's and I am not confident in my flying abilities. But really thanks for notifying. also pls add landing gear so that I can see its actuall stol capabilities.
I’ll see if I can get a noob on the stick. It’s very easy to fly and is super smooth and stable. Overall the F7F I designed makes a better trainer but the evangel is very easy to fly as well. I’ll put some gear on it.


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Hello everyone! Please participate in this forums challenge if you want. The goal is to make an all around, twin engine, trainer style STOL plane. that sounds like a lot, but here are the requirements:
  • Must include some type of plans, or measurements and description
  • Must be compatible with floats and skis (plans for them must be included in submission)
  • Must use something similar to power pack a twin
  • Max. wingspan 40 inches
  • May use other parts of other planes as plans
  • must have a successful flight before submission.
  • Have fun!
  • optional, but recommended, STOL (like the twin otter)
  • I, a teenager just starting into the hobby, and very interested in aviation shall decide the winner, the plane that I will build. This will depend on: looks, STOL or not, how easy it is to build (I prefer a challenge), and how close to trainer like characteristics it has.
Please post down below if you want to participate. hoping to get at least 5 designs.
OH! and by the way, the deadline for final submissions is march 31st. this might be extended.
Is the deadline - March 31st this YEAR, or next as it is FTFC22 (CY 2022)? My Flying car design is well over 40", but I should be able to work it what a smaller wing.
When I read this I see this:
Make one submission, that is a twin A-pack (1806 2300kv) plane with some plans, floats/skis (in the plans) max 40' Wingspan, with a Flight Vid. You will Judge. Criteria as stated above. Rating scale unknown. This means we have about 13 months to get this done. do I have it right.

I am not discouraging this at all I love he exuberance, truly. I have found when people know the judging criteria, it helps. This method discourages progress posts, which I think will hinder the visibility of the challenge. (look at past challenges that gained big traction to see what they have in common)

If I finish my Build and it flies, I will modify it for this contest. Good Luck to all Entrants.
No, foamydm, I named it ftfc22 becasue I thought that the 21,22,etc ment the number of the challenge, since the last one was ftfc21, I named this one ft fc 22. by the way, since most people are pretty leninent, I am making a poll of pulling up the deadline to march 21st, a sunday.
also I will set up a poll to judge.
I will be the tiebraker if one is needed
but most likely it will not be me but my parents, because I will be entering too. Maybe. I am not sure if I can ge tthe electronics on time
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