FTFC23: Build-ruary by Inq


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This is my declaration for this year's (2023) Build-ruary Build Challenge. I'll be making individual build threads for each of mine instead of combining them into one here. I like to talk too much to have all that running around in my head together one thread. I hope this doesn't break the rules. :cautious: Please use these links to reach the individual build pages.
  1. Flite Test Mighty Mini DR1 Triplane - from Flite Test speed-build kit with Inq embellishments. :eek:
  2. Fokker D.VIII - custom design using Flite Test design concepts with Inq embellishments. :rolleyes:
  3. Boomerang - custom design flying wing, self powered, minimal weight, motor launch, maximum wingspan sailplane. :sneaky:
  4. F-8 Crusader with Training Wheels - custom design using mixture of FT foamboard techniques and 3D printing for my first foray to an EDF.
  5. F-23 Black Widow - custom design using Flight Test F-22 Raptor techniques with Inq embellishments. :sleep: - I'm adding this 5th model because it's already started and I'll lose 10 points, but I may not get one of the others in and need to use this instead.
  6. Focke Wulf Ta 152H - custom design, using mostly Flight Test techniques with Inq embellishments. o_O
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