FTFC24: Build-ruary by Rara


FTFC24: Build-ruary by Rara (aka RaraSVT, or "Uncle Rara" lol) (Build Skill: 3.14, Pilot SKill: 3.1415)
  1. Rara - FT Edge540 (I may have to get a ruling on a 10pt deduction here...)
  2. Rara - Super Top Secret Squirrel WindCatcher RC project prototype
  3. Rara - FT NutBall
  4. Rara - FT SeaDuck rebuild v3.0
  5. Rara - FT MS F-16 Viper

Very ambitious considering my work schedule lately, and maiden flights may be tough if the current weather holds... but it will be fun, and we'll see how far we can get!