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Full scale (Human sized) Nutball ???

I came across this in some random research, while I wait for my first radio & servos to arrive to help finish off my FT Nutball.

It is from a homebuilt aircraft site and looks like a human sized, 24ft across, Nutball!?


I had known about the Vought V-173 that is roughly a flying disk but I hadn't seen this aircraft before.

The V-173 gives me an idea for a two engine Nutball with FT Cruiser style 'Crazy Mode' differential thrust.

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I will! Yah sure.
Yah sure yah betcha doncha know.
Just add dihedral for rudder rolls, and a full rc setup in it!:p

Edit: beware of wisconsiners (honorary or otherwise) on a sugar high!
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What is it actually called? Has it been flown? Are there more? Is there video? So many questions and without even knowing what it is really called there isn't a good way to search for more information.
Found more details.


- The aircraft is a one of two prototypes built and tested in the 60's&70's
- This one only ever flown in ground effect testing
- Spent decades in a museum
- Takeoff speed was around 25-30 MPH
- The other prototype was 'donated to the Air force of India during the 60's and 70's '????

It was up for auction on eBay and you can read more about it there. I summed up the highlights above.

Here is the page where some of the newer photos were posted, an ultralight pilot took those.

I also found a video of a different Nutball like small plane, this one a puller prop just like the FT Nutball.
(Check out 3:30 as the pilot gets out after landing)


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What could have posibly distracted the person recording this from filming the take off? I mean, there is an odd, and more than likely home made, plane about to take off. You are given the job of recording the process and you miss the take off? There must have been something very interesting taking place somewhere very near by.
You SAY that, but then look at just any of my multitude of home videos.

I SUCK at videography. I'm pretty sure if my last name was Zapruder I would have been focused on a bug on the ground 15 feet in front of me when that thang went down.