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FY- Dos

Just received my FY-Dos and Hornet osd in the mail Friday from ReadyMadeRC http://www.readymaderc.com/store/. After a very disappointing experience with the new Cyclops Storm I wanted a product with a proven track record or at the very least from a company with a history of well made products (i.e. FY-30A and FY-31AP). I don't have much to offer thus far aside from the quality of both the Hornet module and Dos module since I have yet to incorporate it in my fpv platform. This being a brand new module from FeiYu-Tech thought I would open a thread for future amendments, tips and experiences. If anyone here in the Flitetest forum is currently flying a Dos please check in with any Pros or Cons you may have or for that matter any installation tips as this is all new to me as well. I understand there are those of you out there that may have a less than favorable opinion of FeiYu-Tech products and your words of caution are welcome but I would respectfully ask that you do not let that devolve into a flaming trash-fest on this thread.



Bah, we're all pretty laid back around here. I don't think anyone is going to split hairs over whether this is posted under FPV or Flight Controllers. And, I've never seen a post devolve into trashing a product or into a silly argument on this forum. That, plus the international base, is what I like best about the FT forum. Things get REALLY nasty on other boards. Silly!

I'm looking forward to the development of this thread!


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I look forward to the information on this forum for the FY-DoS as I just ordered one as well. I am TOTALLY new to anything multi rotor, but looking forward to learning more. I chose the FY-DOS after doing quite a bit of research, and was about to go with the FY-91q when I saw how the FY-DoS seems to incorporate most of the features of the FY-91q series but in a less expensive form factor, and just a simplified approach. Did I miss the mark on that, or is that somewhat accurate? Like I said, I have been checking, reading, comparing, and when it came down to it, looking at everything from the HK KK multicopter boards to the well regarded DJI series of boards even up to the WooKong and hoverfly stuff, this seemed to be the best bang for the buck and with the least amount of hassles with regard to upgrading firmware, etc. I plan to put mine on the Bumblebee frame and see how that goes, then add in a GoPro and go from there. I just want to take it all one step at a time and learn one thing before throwing in another. I welcome any advice and tips this user base can bring to the forum as well. Thanks for setting this up.
skrag.....my application will be fixed wing for now so can't help you out much in a multirotor situation....but anything you learn would be great to share and anyone on the forum who has already paved the road. weather has been down right crappy around here for quite some time but this weekend i will be playing around with the dos a bit more....kinda been on the backburner. btw your reasoning for going with the dos matches mine to a t. the programming software seems very straight forward with a nice interface....just need to play around with it a bit more to have some more definitive details to share.


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Lonewolf, I meant to acknowledge that I did understand our applications are somewhat different, but you are correct I think in that perhaps lessons learned by both platforms will help us and others. I do have a fixed wing application in play as well, but just wanted to get this multi rotor learning curve behind me before I focus on the fixed wing stuff.

I am in the same boat as you as well in the weather department. Here in Arkansas we always say if you don't like the weather just wait a minute! I'll be glad for the Spring to kick in and hopefully the winds will be friendly. Thanks for putting this thread together, and I'll do my best to contribute anything helpful.


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I have my FY-DoS now and am getting ready to try and get it set up on my quad. My quad is a Bumblebee from Hobby King and has a solid black canopy. That leads me to a question. Do I have to make a hole in the canopy somewhere to put the GPS module so that it can be exposed to the sky? What about the unit itself? It has a light on top, but does it have to see the sky?