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Game of Thrones


I know nothing!
WooHoo!! It's back!! My gosh, but it was glorious in it's return! TWO darn years we've waited to return to Westeros, and they did it right. It should have been titled "The Dragon Riders of Westeros." Wow. I'm still on a high from that episode. For an entire hour, I did not think about RC aircraft even once. That takes some doing. Pretty much work is the only thing that does that. They brought nearly all the main characters back together and left us wanting for more. More! Give me more! :love::p


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Hah! Was going to start a thread called "Game of Thrones?"

Never watched it. No idea why everyone goes bananas.

I watched part of the FT Corsair Master's Series Build about that time. Like watching my Uncle Bob teach painting. So calming. Soothing.

My question was going to be, "What FT build video would you watch if you weren't watching Game of Thrones?"


I know nothing!
DR1 is soon to be my next build. That's the build video I would have been watching. :) But, it's Game of Thrones! Priorities man, priorities! :p