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Gas tank help?

Yep i know what springs your talking about, the same ones they use on fuel lines on cars, motorcycles and stuff,
I will do this for sure, Thanks so much for the help.
Once this baby is build i will have a video up of my maiden!
Nice cub ak flyer. it was my dads first plane when he got into the hobby, even though he never stayed into the hobby, for some reason i am very attached to that plane. love it

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Thanks, glad you like it. I forget I have pictures on here. I have some flying videos too. It's been a great plane. Picked it up from my brother, I think I'm about the 5th or 6th owner.


I have a video I'll have to upload some day of my fuel line coming off and the engine dying right after take off. A how not to do things video lol.

Glad to see you're taking on the nitros. It's definitely harder than electric but it's got it's own rewards too. Keep the questions coming and I'll try to dust off my brain and come up with some good answers.