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Getting started in ultra micro scratch builds!!!!


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There is nothing more exciting than seeing one of your own designs fly in the sky and I would love to help you achieve that feat. It may sound difficult, but in fact, with a little bit of knowledge about RC planes, it's rather simple.

You may say to yourself, "Oh, making my own plane would take too long and would be too frustrating." I am here to say "YOU'RE WRONG".

Lets start with the electronics. I will try and give you the cheapest alternatives.

All of these options will not just include electronics, but also the entire plane. I recommend that you fly the plane to its death, then salvage the electronics for your first micro scratch build.

My recommendations-

RTF-$89.99 Hobbyzone Champ-brick esc/receiver/servos

3 channel- http://www.horizonhobby.com/products/champ-rtf-HBZ4900

BNF-$99.99 Parkzone UM T-28-brick esc/receiver/servos

4 channel- http://www.parkzone.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=PKZU1580

BNF-$99.99 Parkzone UM P-51-brick esc/receiver/servos

4 channel- http://www.parkzone.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=PKZ3680

BNF-$79-Gemini RC Edge 540(DSM2 compatible)-seperate servos

4 channel- https://www.geminirc.com/shop/2/GeminiRC-Zivko-Edge-540-Bind-n-Fly.html

After you have your plane, all you need is Dollar Tree foamboard/Readiboard and plans. Trial and error always helps in learning, so don't be intimidated at the task of building your own planes!

More tutorials will come, including how to mount motors, servos, bricks, etc.

Here is a quick view of one of the ultra micro scratch builds I have done. Link to article with flight video-


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