Giant 2m Span Coroplast Storch


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A friend and I recently set out to build a big plane, and now we did it. In under about 10 hours work put together. Hopefully a flight video will come soon.


-Hobbyking Donkey 810kv Outrunner with 12 inch prop
-Hobbyking 30 Amp ESC
-HXT900 9gram servos (Should be enough ;)
-3300mah LiPo
-Turnigy 9XR Rx/Tx


-Length= 1.2m
-Wing Span= 2m
-Weight without Batt= 1600grams

Here are some pictures:



Some things to be noted are that I changed the position of the wing from the real Storch, as well as the Tail. The landing is more of a temporary thing, before I can get some real landing gear.


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Very nice.
Should work fine but I can't see that undercarriage lasting more than one flight unless you have a mirror smooth strip and 'grease' the landing!


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Looks real nice! What about paint? Since it's Coroplast it shouldn't need to be waterproofed to take the paint.


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Hi I am the other builder of the giant coroplast storch to answer your question AkimboGlueGuns, New Zealand had the elections last year so I went round to my local MP and asked if I could have some of his election signs, and he said yes and gave me around 40 sheets of coroplast for free����. So we did not put the paint there the coroplast came with it. But we are planning on painting in the future


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We just used election sign boards, as they were free. You should see some of my other planes, with a huge set of teeth on the ailerons, etc.


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Just an update: The first flight went badly and crashed, due to the ailerons being to small. We fixed this, and it flew fine, however it was a bit tail heavy. We will hopefully get a chance to fly soon. Unfortunately we couldn't take a video since it took both me and my friend to launch. Hopefully next time we can put a cam on the plane.