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Ok I hope this has not been asked before but here goes
I am interested in FPV and I almost bought what I think was a nice setup, an RTF if you will from HK from Fat Shark. I am glad I did not make the purchase. Why? Well I wear glasses and the more I thought about it I have never seen anyone use the goggles with glasses. Now I know you can easily say get contacts yes this is true, however to make a long story very short. I can not wear contacts due to my prescription. So that is out. I know I can buy a view screen with a cover etc but I like the mobility of goggles so...Does anyone know if you can buy a set of FPV goggles that will work with someone with glasses? I know in my Military career I have worn many items, such as protection goggles, that are suitable for folks who wear glasses just a thought/question. If their is not one what a money maker that could be