Gps tracking quadcopter (grad project)


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It's really sad and annoying that professors are wasting students time and opportunities reinventing the wheel by making them essentially make new hobby grade flight controllers, when students could spend the time to actually make new and inventive things with the drones.

You hear about a student group making something new and inventive with drones as their projects maybe every second year if you're lucky. but all the RC forums every year around project time is filled with people asking for suggestions for their drone project where they have to make a flight control of an arduino or a GPS control for the FC...

It's depressing the amount of wasted talent. but oh well, nothing you can do to change the mind of a lazy professor who doesn't want to be a researcher and just want an easy project he can easily rate against existing technology for grading.... sigh...


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Guys I finalized the parts list. What are your final thoughts? Im gonna buy the parts from HK. Do you think this li-po can handle with the current value of motors since it has 10C constant rate. Motors: 4x18A max=72A which is larger than batterys' 10Cx6600MAH=66A? If its ok which brand/model charger would you suggest?
I need one last advice about the radio receiver transmitter. I want to buy a 6ch complete radio kit including small lcd display with a reasonable price. Which brand/model would you suggest?
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