Ground station - FPV / GPS / RSSI Antenna tracker build


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Hey guys. Thanks for the input.
What do you think about the Idea to implement a real aircraft flight instrument like this for example:

I think this should be not a super big deal, because simliar builds are already documented.

What do you think? Maybe its too much?

The plan is to:
  • "rip it off"
  • look whats inside
  • add a servo, stepper motor or gimbal depending how the vintage instrument works
  • add a arduino nano
  • add a wire to the nano from the 3Dr to get some NAV-Link protocol.
  • replace the Bulbs with some LEDs to decrease powerconsumption.
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1. Would it be awesome? Yes.

2. Would it be practical? Perhaps not, but who cares. See #1. :)


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being Ghetto since 2016

well I figured out that the upgrade bay design is too small. So I am printing for bigger parts right now.
looks like this can take some more days..

This is the plan. looks like a old APPLE Computer.

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