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Grumman A-6 Intruder MJ - Mid Pusher jet collection

It is a fun and exciting building experience with a mid-pusher type aircraft. I always love how the looks of the A6 Intruder model and decided to make it part of my mid-pusher design collection.

Before starting the project, below are the setup that I'm aiming for:
Wingspan: 36" or 920mm
Motor: 2200kv Turnigy Motor
Prop: 6x4
Lipo: 1800mah to 2200mah
ESC: 30A or 40A
AUW: 530g

Any taker for this build?

IMG_4208.jpg IMG_4209.jpg IMG_4129.jpg IMG_4147.jpg

The plan can be download here:
1. Full Plan
2. Tiled plan