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H-Quad motor choice.

I have recently built a H-Quad (flitetest's) and I put some of the cheap 24gram motors from hobbyking on the frame however I have now realized that A they are vastly under powered and B that they are SHOCKING quality, there were little chips of aluminium in the magnets and some around the bindings even after cleaning them out (by taking them apart and hoovering them out) they were still binding.

I would now like some advice as to what the best quality motors I can get, 4 motors and a budget of £50. I have looked at the E-Max and Sunnysky, but I would like a bit of guidance on efficiency and quality. Also I would like some other ideas. I have 15 amp multistars.

Thanks everyone.
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Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Never had one fail. I can only say they seem of decent quality. The base cross plate is 2mm. They come with bullet connectors already on. They also come with decent clamp collets, but have threaded holes for bell mounting props if you choose.

Sunnysky seems slightly more "polished", but of course they aren't $11.