1. S

    Need Help for NASA Unmanned Aircraft Research Project

    Hello Flite Test Forum, my name is Amit and me and my dad are amateur RC aircraft enthusiasts who are very big fans of FliteTest. I am highschool student in the central Ohio area. I am very passionate about drones and unmanned aircraft systems. This year I have organized a research project at my...
  2. B

    Large heavy lifter multicopter, as cheap as possible

    Hi. I need a heavy lifter that can lift 10lb with a decent TWR for a few minutes, and I want to make it as cheap as possible within those constraints. I'm aware that cheap is relative and this will probably end up >1k on the low end. The entire purpose of this thing is to fly straight up, drop...
  3. A

    Need help selecting multi-rotor controller and programming software

    Hi, My son has a school project for which he needs to build a multi-rotor aircraft. They are not allowed to use quad-copter kits like gremlin. At this time he and his partner have come up with a design to use three rotors on their RC aircraft. Can someone recommend receivers, transmitters...
  4. BlueK

    FPV Cloud Surfing | GoPro Hero 7 Black Hypersmooth!?

    Cloud Surfing with my quadcopter, it was a super windy day but a good test day for my my new gopro7 the hypersmooth stabilisation works good but not perfect you can see some glitches
  5. S

    First quad

    Hello there, I am planning on building a quadcopter in the coming weeks, but I'm a newbie at this so I just want to make sure that I don't mess up and buy parts that aren't compatible. I'm making the frame out of aluminium myself and have already started (just a simple H frame) and it will...
  6. M

    Hello and hi from Germany

    Hey, i am new here and a big fan of FliteTest, especially fo Josh(one of them :) ) and David. I am building the Tricopter David introduced at the moment and love every step of it. But some parts arent working as they should.... but i will post this later. I am happy to be here and hope to...
  7. A

    Versacopter won't take off/lifts to one side.

    Hey folks, I've built my Versacopter but I have a hit a bit of a snag with setting it up, here are my specs: Powerpack E Naze32 Afroflight by X8R receiver Taranis Transmitter I've double checked prop orientation, as well as calibrated the ESC's/Accelerometer at least a dozen times now. It...
  8. W

    DIY Multirotor Recovery Parachute System Build [WIP]

    Hello there Pilots! Introduction First things first, I just registered myself to the forum and therefore am not sure if this is the right Forum to post this. Please correct me! So, I just started building myself a 450 sized quadcopter. The quad will be used to do some homebrew aerial...
  9. C

    Some motors late starting

    Firstly, yes a newbie doing my first build. Hexcopter (X) KK2.1.5 FC SimonK 30A ESC 920 KV motors Spektrum DX6i F550 frame So everything is hooked up and just getting ready to mount my props (which are now balanced). But when I go from throttle 0 to throttle X. Six of the motors (m3-m6) all...
  10. H

    QAV 250 qaudcopter

    Hi I have found this site: it sells a qav 250 quadcopter with all the electronics a battery and a charger for only 140 euros, I found it really cheap but I do not know if this is a error on the site or...
  11. U

    Multicopter Configuration Guide

    At the suggestion of one of the mods, I am splitting up my previous request thread. The meat of this one is this: There doesn't seem to exist anywhere a good guide to the differences, advantages, disadvantages, and best uses of the various kinds of multicopter configurations. I am considering...
  12. Phoenix Defender Group

    Electronics Help

    Hi, I have a question I am not completely new to multi rotor and i do have some experience flying but i have only flown RTF i am about to buy my first kit I am planning on buying a tarot 650 quadcopter and i have a question based on my electronics I am using these motors...
  13. C

    ReadyMadeRC's FPV Fest 2014 - Official Video Coverage (Flite Test attended)

    Hey All! Here is the official FPV Fest 2014 video I've just finished. Alex and Peter from Flite Fest came out on Saturday for the FPV and LOS racing, and took first place in the LOS open class races with the ReadyMadeRC Lunar Eclipse. Check it out!
  14. I

    Tricopter Yaw issues (APM)

    I have recently built a tricopter that has been flying well in stability mode until the past couple short flights. It now constantly turns to the left (yaw axis) now and I can still control it but I have to correct for left spin. I am using the APM 2.5 (hobbyking version) with an external...
  15. M

    HK KK 2.1.5 questions

    I'm doing my first DYI build, based on the AnyCopter, and chose (based on everyone saying it's the board to use for your first build) the HK KK 2.1.5 flight controller. I've run into two minor issues (so far): 1) The fpvcentral review of the 2.1 board says " KK now supports plugging in a...
  16. Mastrmindz

    KK2.1 Issue With the Screen

    Hey guys. I recently went flying and tested a new 2200mAh 3s turnigy battery on my tricopter. After one bouncy landing, it went head-over-heels. The KK2.1 board was initially alright, but when I unplugged the battery and replugged it, something went wrong with the screen. I have the image...
  17. A

    Multirotor Propeller rules of thumb

    I'm mostly done building one of David's Tricopters and one of the things that still isn't very clear to me is the thought process that goes into prop selection for a particular motor/battery setup. It might become clear when I fly the tricopter and experiment with different props. For...
  18. W

    H-Quad motor choice.

    I have recently built a H-Quad (flitetest's) and I put some of the cheap 24gram motors from hobbyking on the frame however I have now realized that A they are vastly under powered and B that they are SHOCKING quality, there were little chips of aluminium in the magnets and some around the...
  19. Hionimi

    So... What was the first ever Radio-Controlled/unmanned Multirotor to fly?

    I've been searching Google for a while, but the way that website sorts info these days is just plain dreadful... :( Applied many filters to filter away certain results like '-3D-', '-solar', '-car', and many more. Google basically tells people who want to search for non-popular stuff to sod...
  20. enivid

    Laser cut foldable quad frame build version 2

    Hey guys, I wanted to share my laser cut quad frame build with you to get some design input and gauge interest in this type of design. My version 1 can be found at and I've gone...