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Having Problems Writing An Article


Gravity Tester
I am having problems trying to write up an article and am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same.

Everything was running smooth then my browser crashed. I restart it and the article editor says it has unsaved work it can recover. Great, but it comes up with the entire text box up blank. Unfortunate, but luckily I had copied most of the work over to notepad earlier and only had to rewrite a few paragraphs.

I finished the writing and tried adding images, but nothing shows up in the text box. Going to HTML view the image is there, but nothing else is. Previewing the article all I get is one picture, although back in the editor there is tons of text. So I edit the HTML box by hand and now the preview is almost perfect. Then I press save and preview at the bottom and all I get is one image again. Then going back to edit the article there is nothing in the text box again. Luckily I have all my work backed up by this point. So overall it seems to reject all text and the HTML and text box views don't line up.

Anyone else have similar problems? I've tried both Firefox and Google Chrome.