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Having touble building a Versacopter V2 with Lux board

So I recently purchased everything I thought I needed to build my first quadcopter, the versacopter kit, e-pack, battery, with a lux flight controller and D4R-II receiver.
About halfway through the build, I am now stuck with figuring out how the lux flight controller and D4R-II has a place in this build? I am quite aware it is necessary to have a flight controller, but I can't seem to find a place for it, there is no place on the versacopter's PDB to power the flight controller, not enough pins available for the esc's, and no matter how much research I do I can't seem to figure out how to put this all together. I know it's possible to use the lux ft, as plenty of people have recommended it, but I just can't figure out exactly how to do that.
I'm hoping someone here who has any experience will be able to easily point out the error in my ways?
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I have been continuing to try and figure this out, is it possible that the escs can power the lux board? Using the ground power and data pins from each ESC?


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The original idea of the versacopter was to have the FC powered by a BEC from an ESC, or from a polulu regulator on the PDB (there is a spot to solder one on). These usually put out 5V. The Lux FC however takes straight battery voltage, so you will have to make a parallel connection from one of the ESC pads to the VBAT pads on the Lux. The Lux has a 5V regulator that will power your Rx.
So you're saying that I can use an unused ESC pad (for example esc 5 or 6) to power the flight controller?
If so, thank you so much! I had fantasies that was possible but was afraid that would cause serious problems, and was too afraid to do it without anyone saying it was possible.
Per the GetFPV webpage, power the Lux from the lipo on a special pad only, probably not the motor pins.
"Input voltage 6v to 24v. Power the board directly from flight pack up to 6S (on 'BAT' pad only!)."


It should work. Just be careful where you stick it. :)
So do you recommend that I solder the flight controller directly from the battery on the pdb? Asking only because there is no +- pad on the versacopter V2 PDB specifically for powering anything but a ESC. Doing this would require me to use the same leads I am using to power the entire PDB to also power the ft. I'm not sure if that can/would cause any problems but I just want to make sure I don't destroy anything :p.


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The destructions say you can. The Versacopter can also support BEC support or a Pololu step down voltage regulator. You have options. :)

Personally, if I had a Lux, I would connect it from the lipo contacts or a close by pair of ESC main power pads from the PDB.

It all comes down to how you want your build. Do what works for you within your limits.


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So you're saying that I can use an unused ESC pad (for example esc 5 or 6) to power the flight controller?
Yes, all of the +'s on the PDB are common - except the AUX_POLULU, and all the -'s are common. The will supply battery voltage to anything connected. Run leads from those pads to the Bat and G pads on the FC and you're off to the races ;)