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He-162D Design/Build

FTFC 18 WWII He-162 D

Just finished some detailed conceptual preliminary sketches of my build plan for FF 2018 Community Design / Build WW2 Contest! Going with the D variant of the He-162. Seeing as the D model never actually flew and only one set D and C wings were ever found, with no fuselage accompanying them....I believe I get around the scoring penalty  Plus a forward swept wing and V tail configuration is just super cool! I'm thinking right now about going super simple... no gear...bank and yank 3 channel with a 50mm Dr Mad Thrust EDF. But who knows....maybe more. Anyway....consider me officially in 


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We should label our threads with something for the less than savvy (like me) browser who might not know what some of these planes are.

I suggest something like FFE'18 WWII [Plane designation]

If you so choose you can do it yourself. If you so choose otherwise, you can ask me to do it. If you don't want it changed, have it your way.


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I'm excited! First build thread of the challenge, before the challenge even officially starts! I love it! :)

Jim - excellent idea - I'll add this to the registration instructions too.

I'd like to go with a format like:

FTCC'18 WWII [plane name] designed by [designer name]

Shortened version of 'Flite Test Community Challenge' - cause I hope we'll get participants that aren't able to come to a Flite Fest at all, and we will hopefully have representation at every Flite Fest too! I also like adding the designed by name in the thread to help point out these aren't just kits or instructions being followed - we have some real cool stuff being created right here!


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Sounds good but FTCC might be confused for the FT Community Cast already in use.
I think I just need to get all those guys involved too - problem solved!! :)

Or add an "F" for forums.... Flite Test Forums Challenge....

(Sorry for hijacking your build thread! :eek: )
No worries on the hijacking :)
A simplified header would be great!
Work has been crazy this past 10 days, hope to start moving the build past the "napkin" design phase soon!
Printed some 3 views in 1:10 scale today. Gives me something in full size to take measurements off of, and to help start figuring out component sizes. I think a 64mm fam is gonna be perfect! Probably running on 3 or 4 S. Going to start the 3D modeling soon :) IMG_0144.JPG
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