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Hello from Ireland

Hi all

While this is my first post, I've been watching Flitetest since the very first episode when Josh & Josh reviewed the PZ Wildcat. I've watched every episode since so I feel part of "the family";).

I worked as an air traffic controller for 10 years and I took up rc flying about three years ago. My fleet has grown to 14 planes and pretty much taken over my garage. I've got mixed German/Irish ancestry, hence the forum name:eek:

I'm looking for a new area of this hobby to explore at present, possibly fpv and so I'll be asking some questions about how to adapt one of my planes to be the test bed for some fpv gear.

Talk soon



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Hi all

I'm looking for a new area of this hobby to explore at present, possibly fpv and so I'll be asking some questions about how to adapt one of my planes to be the test bed for some fpv gear.
Welcome to the Family :) David!

FPV is a pretty awsome area of this sport that I'm sure you will LOVE.

Brian fred carr

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Welcome to the forum family David.....Let these guys know what plane you are going to use and you will be swamped with advice.............. its great and i love it .....kildare is a lovely part of ireland...I am in southampton uk....if you sped a lot of money on you FPV gear you could FPV over here one day....lol once again welcome


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Welcome David !
We'd be happy to assist you selecting the FPV gear.
Wondering what type of planes you have collected in three years :rolleyes:
I was trying to figure out how to add my list of planes to my signature but couldn't manage it. I should have asked one of my kids how to do it:eek:.

Starting with my first plane, the list is as follows:
Parkzone Radian - love this plane as she is so relaxing to fly and yet I can add a mini camera to her for some great aerial footage.

Hobbyzone Supercub - I learned how to rog and land on wheels with this little plane. My kids love the parachute drop module where I can drop a little man for them to chase

Parkzone T28 Trojan - My first aileron bird. Very agile and yet very forgiving. Now modded with flaps and retracts.

Parkzone ME109 - Had to buy this as my Grandfather was German. Unfortunately, my skills weren't quite up to flying her at the time and on her fifth flight, I fell victim to this model's quite vicious tipstall and she flipped over and dived in. I did put her back together but she's not very pretty now.

Parkzone P51 Mustang - Probably my most flown plane as she flies like she's on rails. I did the rudder mod and I love doing stall turns with her.

Parkzone Wildcat - Bought her as she was going cheap (due to poor sales???) but she is a great little flyer, every bit as agile as the Mustang, just not as pretty.

Parkzone P47 Thunderbolt - Again I bought her as she was going cheap but she is a very well mannered warbird and with the addition of flaps and retracts, I get the "full house" flying experience.

Hobbyking Stinger EDF - My one and only edf. Bit of a love/hate relationship with this plane as she needs full power and a javelin like throw to get her airborne. Once flying she needs plenty of power to keep aloft.

Hobbyking Kinetic (x2) - So good I bought two of them! Small powered glider that on a 3 cell 850mah battery will have almost unlimited vertical and pulls huge loops. Only thing to watch is the wing join as it can come loose in high 'G' manouvers, which the flitetest boys found out!!

Hobbyking FW190 'Pirate' - A cheap foamie from Hobbyking that arrived with a nasty brown camoflage scheme. I repainted her in traditional Luftwaffe grey, put a Turnigy 35/36 1100watt motor in her and fitted retracts. Now she flies like a demon but lands like a leaf floating gently down. A cheap plane for less than 40 dollars but a huge fun factor.

GWS Slow Stik - Currently building this one when work/kids allow:rolleyes:

Eflite P40 Warhawk - Hmmmm, not too impressed with this plane. I bought her as an airframe only deal and added the motor and other electrics. She flies er ok, but nothing to write home about.

Parkzone UM Sukhoi XP - My one and only micro as the almost constant wind in Ireland doesn't allow for micro planes to fly outdoors but have to admit I do love this little plane. Very agile but very durable. I love doing prop hangs with her and flying inverted 5 feet off the deck.

So now I'm at the crossroads, do I go for the fpv experience, buy a bigger scale model (1600mm or bigger) or scale back my fleet to concentrate on just a few planes (which I know my wife would choose).