Help! Mavic or Spark?

Joseph Teo

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I’m planning to get myself a more portable drone for Christmas. But I’m not sure to get Mavic or Spark. The only advantage I can get from Spark is the price point. It is almost half the price of Mavic. Price point is a big advantage for me. But I just can’t make decision myself. Can anyone give suggestion for me to make decision before Christmas?

What I really care about is Flight Time, and the camera for Photography(not video). Distance is subjective for me. I prefer flying LOS.


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The spark is more of a toy. I gave mine to my nephew. I still have a Magic and a Phamtom 4 Pro. If I had bought the mavic before the phantom I would not have bought the phantom. The camera is better on the phantom, but I'm not a pro photographer and the mavic camera works great for what I use it for. The camera on the mavic compared to the spark is noticeably better. I see the spark as more of a selfie drone.

Joseph Teo

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I’m not a pro photographer too. I just like to fly and watch where I flew and what can I see from up there.😂
I recently build one F450 and the size is too big for me. I like the portability of both Mavic and Spark. Do you think both of them is suitable to fly anytime if I feel like I want too?


Price wise they are closer than you think

Spark doesnt come with transmitter. It's a $150 dollar add-on so you are at $650 vs $1000

Both are portable.

Mavic would be more stable simply due to size.

Both are suitable to fly at anytime....

Double flight time on the mavic..
7KM range on Mavic, 2km on Soark
2axis gimbal on spark, 3 axis on Mavic.

Mavic outperforms the Spark heavily as seen above...

At the end of the day $350 is $350... Both fly, both transmit a video....

The range would be my biggest concern...