Help! Will my receiver work with my transmitter and will SAFE be functional?

Hi there!
I recently decided to give trying a fly due to the quarantine and purchased the Horizon Sport Cub S 2. I’ve been having a blast flying it so decided to try scratch building an FT P40. The Sport Cub came with a Spectrum MLP6DSM transmitter and I purchased a Spektrum AR637T receiver for the P40. My hope is to be able to use the transmitter with the new receiver and still have SAFE and the panic button. Still very much learning to fly. I thought this was possible but now am not sure. Anybody have any idea if this is possible? And if not how to get flight stabilization and auto leveling without breaking the bank?
Thanks so much for the help!!
- Danny


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So, the receiver might be able to bind, but you probably won’t be able to set up telemetry, as3x, or safe since the horizon website says that it is all set up through the tx and there isn’t a screen or wheel to set things up on your tx.


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To get full functionality of the AR637T you would need a DX series transmitter with the latest update so programing can be done thru the transmitter. Here are a few links to get you started, then there are links within each to other resources..

I have one of the older AS3X RXes that uses a cable for programming. Tis a shame they do not support both methods for programming.



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If you can swing it a DX6 Gen 2 or Gen 3 would be ideal with the new forward programing Spektrum came out with plus it will have telemetry, for future use.

I have never bought a new transmitter I picked up all mine used off of RC Groups if you are not in a hurry to get one they come up every so often in that $110-$150 range.