Help with 400% DTFB Guinea pig electronics


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Hello my name is Ryan, and I am wondering what size motors and servos I should use in a 400% Guinea pig? I have estimated the weight of the frame ,with no electronics, to be 37lb. This includes the foam board, 10' aluminum 1" square box spar, and 10, 12 stick packs of hot glue. I have no idea what size motors to use with such a gigantic build. I will most likely build it at Flite Fest 2017, help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ryan


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That would be a 19'+ wingspan!
Not sure that can be done in the time period without some MEGA major help.

Have seen Peter's version?

I think his is 14' wingspan and took awhile to build and workout issues. Maybe you can get him to chime in on the build.


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Yes I have seen Peter's version and that's what inspired me to go bigger. I have contacted Flite Test, and they said that they would ask Peter about what he would recommend for electronics. This being said I also wanted the community's opinion on electronics. I don't know if it can be done but, I would like to do it at Flite Fest just because I could have unlimited foam and a TON of help from others. Also if Flite Test could supply the electronics I would have them keep the plane at the end of the event.