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Pumpkin drop event


I just built a new quad with a spracingf3 flight controller and I have a problem where motor 1 will randomly turn off when i give it power... , I have checked all solder connections... I have tried to flash cleanflight firmware to try to fix it but it says lost connection, and something about not connecting to bootloader how do I fix this? but, in cleanflight the motor dosent stop when I give it power...

EDIT: motor 1 dosent randomly stop anymore but now motor 2 will keep raising its speed when i give power to it
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Not sure what you're flying but I just recently had a similar issue with the newest firmware version 1.14.2 I think. I reflashed back to 1.13 and it works fine. Just a thought...
I know this is old, and I completely forgot that I had posted about this. But it would cut out in flight, at about half throttle motor 1 would cut out then motor 2 would raise power, (at a 1/10 throttle it would keep raising power until full, even though I wasn't moving the stick.) I dont remember how I fixed it. but I remember it having something to do with the gyros