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Hey everyone! My first FPV wing design: Any tips?

Hey guys,

I've been watching Flite test for a long long time now and have ALWAYS wanted to try design one of my own planes out of the materials they use.

I've come up with this:

This is called the CV-18 and is my first original design. It is meant to be the platform to get me into FPV. (something I've) always wanted to do but have never done before) Its made out of 11 sheets of FT foam board, bits of wood and a LOT of hot glue. Its my alternative to a more expensive ready made wing like the X8. Its supposed to run off two 4s 4000mah batterys (in parallel). Now this is where I'm stuck...

I have NO idea where the cg for a wing like this should be. Would be a great help if anyone could help tell me a reasonable estimate for the cg of the wing.

Thanks in advance!
Also, if you guys want to see the maiden video of this thing, let me know so i can post it here! It should be spectacular however well or badly it flies!


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I can't pull up any of the better Flying Wing CG calculators to see how many panels they can support, but here's a traditional one which can support a 4 panel wing:


The trick here is to abuse the tool. It's intended as a traditional wing and tail, and the calculations for "ideal" CG mathematically depend on it being there (if it's not, you end up with a 0/0, which makes the numbers interesting), but it will calculate correctly the center of pressure (AC).

So what good is that to you? Flying wings need their CG to be neutral. They have no tail to balance against. AC = Ideal CG.

So plug in your wing's dimensions carefully -- for your winglets I'd enter the projected dimensions in the horizontal plane -- zero out the tail since you don't have one, set static margin to 5 and click. Ignore the "NaN" results -- you're abusing this tool, expect it to complain -- and read off the AC value.


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I try to avoid swearing in these forums, but GOSH DANG DARN NABBIT that is an awesome wing!!!! Can't wait to see some video of it in action, and if you're open to it I'd love to get my hands on the plans!!!

I'll be watching for updates Chris, this is amazing!
@Jugsy: Thank you! Put such a big smile on my face. I'll first get the whole thing flying and then draw up some plans for sure! Thanks for the input!!
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