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Hey uys, avid RC groups member here to have some fltietest fun. (South UK)


Junior Member
Hey guys, i'm an RC enthusiast who normall only uses RC groups, after watching and loving the flite test videos, i ccouldnt help but join!

Just wondering if anyone else here is from southern UK?

Cheers! Liam :)


Junior Member
No way!

Urm, i have a Parkjet MKII, ST Models MX2, a profile EPP foamy, couple of UM and micro heli's. Used to have a 4site but currently building a new frame to put it in.

What about you?

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Hello again...small world innit
erc micro spitfire
nine eagles sky 500
nine eagles yak 54
nine eagles sky surfer
turnigy 9x tx and rx + FPV set up ready to go in either the HK FPV raptor or a nine eagles 2metre span sky climber
I fly at cutbush fields or down riverside park theres a couple of vids on the forum titled early days 1 and 2 they were filmed at
cutbush and one titled flying at the riverside
Do you do any filming ?????


Junior Member
Few video's here: http://www.youtube.com/user/RCBowerz

I mostly fly at Norman rodaway park in hedge with a few other guys in the summer evenings, or indoors in the winter with the waltham chase aeromodellers guys mainly in flemming park or Havant leisure centre. Just trying figure out what model i'm gonna buy for this indoor season season :p