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Hi everyone, need some help with setting up a cc3d for a quad

This is my first foray into quadcopter and I need help....
like the title says,I need some help setting up my 260 quad(https://hobbyking.com/en_us/kingkong-260-p-p-black-red.html)
I am using librepilot and am now stuck at the transmitter setup wizard, whenever I try to setup the yaw, librepilot doesn't notice that I am moving the yaw 'stick' so I can't get any further.

Any help would be greatly appreciated:D
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hi, I have just started onto making quadcopter. I watched one of your videos about naze 32 flight setup. I have built up my own quad but although my receiver and transmitter are binded. After doing the whole process using Cleanflight configurator my transmitter is not doing anything. I am using flysky i6 tx And fs-1a6b receiver.I have connected (signal,Channel1) wire to channel 1 and so on, but nothing is working. Kindly help me pls