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Hi from Minnesota and question on broken mini helicopter to plane conversion

Hello everyone. Just found Flite Test in the last month when I started getting interested in quad copters. I just have a small viper quad so far.
I have a Dumas Windy airboat with a OS .20 engine that I built about 20 yrs ago. Lots of fun. Except last week, the boat scooted forward after I started it up and put a nice 2" gash in my hand. 6 stitches later... Safety!!

So I have a Propel Gyropter (mini helicopter) that has a gear that no longer stays in place. I don't want to spend money to fix it. Any one pulled the motors and electronic out of something like this and built a plane/flying wing? The Gyropter has 2 motors for the main blades and one motor for the tail. How would I use the tail rotor for rudder or elevator? I'm guessing I would use the 2 main motors for flight and have differential thrust.
Sorry to hear about your hand. One of the few times I have had my finger in a prop was with an OS .15 engine also on an air boat.

Have you thought of trying to repair the helicopter legs? I would try some string and something like flower arrangement wire to lash some reinforcements on. You could also try using some thread to create bracing. Put a dab of CA on the knots to make them hold. If you want to use that receiver on a scratch built airplane, it better be very small and light.