Hi from New Zealand!


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Hi my name's Bryn.

Have been flying for a year or so when I can, maybe 20 flights. Right now, I only have a Super Cub, and after nosediving it into the ground after a failed roll I realised I have definitely outgrown a trainer with dihedral wings.

I got interested in flying after stumbling upon Peters "The Twins" Cargo plane video
all those years ago when it came out, and it's nearly been 10 years!

Have ordered a FT Mustang, FT Corsair and are hoping to gain the confidence to finally build the FT Sea Duck (which I may have also ordered at the same time... *cough*). I have MORE than enough electronics to build these planes, but only after Flitetests shop expansion have I been able to justify the shipping cost. (The Sea Duck alone was going to cost $35 US or so shipping, and now with the new shop I ordered all of the above for less than $15 shipping!)
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Welcome to our addiction! Great to have a new member. Jump right in on our posts and let us know what's happening in your part of the world and ask help with any problems your having. Right now, my flying and builds are at a standstill for other obligations. I will be posting an old build in the media section soon. Check the albums there next week. Never been to New Zealand. I traveled to Asia and Europe many times with the USN & USCG. Great to hear from you:)
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after a failed roll I realised I have definitely outgrown a trainer with dihedral wings.

It could be said that your failed roll means you have not yet outgrown your dihedral trainer, but I do know what you mean.
Any Cub does not roll well but it certainly can - you just have to get clever. ;)

Do let us know how you get on with the Mustang and Corsair.


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A Cub will roll not well, increase aileron throw get 3 mistakes and go for it. If no ailerons then increase rudder throw.