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Hey Flite Test peeps, I just wanted to say hello from the St. Louis area. I've been browsing the site, watching the videos and looking at the different designs for a while now. I learned to fly RC in 1992 at the ripe old age of 8, coincidentally, at the Corsair Model Aircraft club, just north of Flite Test HQ in Tallmadge, OH. So, I think it's pretty cool that a globally known model aviation group has flourished from northeast Ohio. Anyways, looking for a first FT kit. Any suggestions?


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Since you've already got some good stick skills, it really comes down to what type of flying you want to do. A couple of the best flying simple to build FT planes are the the Spitfire, and the Bloody Baron. I think the new Simple Scout might be on that path too. The Sea Duck is a great performer, but a little complex kit.


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Hello Gup,

A friend of mine has built the Cub with much content over the success is is now moving on to the Scout. I think either of those would be excellent choices. Both can start simple and be modified to grow with ones abilities. The Tiny Trainer is another one and has been around for quite some time with a good reputation.

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