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High endurance application

Hi guys. It is my very first post and I hope we can get some solutions and knowledge.

I'm working on a high endurance autonomous flying wing to perform aerial photography, I'm currently running some calculations to find a good battery, motor, prop and frame combination to achieve at least 2 hours of flying time at 13m/s, carrying about 884g of payload (not included battery, motor and speed control). Could you please give me an advice, maybe info about a success case, I mean the numbers from the calculators are nice but there is always a big difference between simulation and real world, and I have a very limited budget, so cannot perform "try and error".

My first selection estimated using MotoCalc is:
Frame:phantom FX61
Battery: Venom 6S 8Ah, ESC 30A
Motor: T-motor antigravity 4004 KV400
Propeller: APC 11x7
And the software estimates a flight time of 198min and 56 sec at Hands-off speed (13.5m/s) = 74% Throttle.

Thank you for your help.


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Hi Jeff,

I know of one video, attached below, that might provide some insight.

Would you be so kind as to introduce yourself a bit with some general info and any interests/experience in the hobby?

Welcome tomthe forum.

Thank you

I'm Mechatronic engineer and I have introduced myself on this beautiful hobby about one year ago, and in a very holistic way I made 2 fixed wings and one rotor, then I tried to produce a VTOL airplane, which didn't work (It doesn't gain enough lift) guess because I did no power calcs.

Currently I aim to merge my profession (Mechatronic Engineer Design) and the UAS universe.