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HK-190 GW-9958 Blade mSR

Thought of creating this topic for tips and mods on this Fixed pitch micro heli category

Received this on Friday; my HK - 190 heli will arrive in 2 weeks ...
Unlimited fun is about to begin !!

2012-02-23 12.11.06.jpg

PS: i have 2 hands full of batteries ! (12!!)


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these heli's look great, I sold my MSr and sometimes wish I still had one, considered ordering one of these many times, I cant wait to see more of your pics.
I found this Vid summarizing all the Mods:

I plan to do a few of them, especially the metal clips that holds the pushrods in place and maybe the new flybar.


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Can't speak for that heli, but I've flown a few different brands of micro helis and there's a reason that the Blade line is so popular even though they cost more. They fly better.


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I don't think i'm gunna get one, atleast not till I see a video of you flying your unmoddified one around, I flew my MSR around for atleast 4 months and never once broke a single part and it flew great in box stock form (thats saying alot, since it was my very first heli)

that video is just showing a guy putting far to much effort into an "RTF" helicopter to get it.... "RTF"

i'll be staying tuned to this thread, please keep us updated KKArioKA


How many letters do we ge
I don't think i'm gunna get one,
I gotta say this little puppy has the glydr seal of approval.

Late last year I bought two; one for a Christmas present for my brother in law (noob) and another one because it worked out cheaper when you bought two.

Truly I didn't mean to claim the other one, but I wanted to try it out to see if it was any good - just to be sure I was giving a good present :rolleyes:

I haven't made any mods, and to be sure it isn't the best micro I've ever flown. But what I can say is that the difference between a better heli and this one is certainly not as great as the difference in price! On a calm morning I'm usually out front or on the back deck doing dawn patrol with this thing carving up big figure 8s or flying among the shrubs. Its also fun making a descent and sliding on the skids down the driveway or blowing leaves around.

Oh, and my brother in law? Was doing circuits by boxing day!

My advice; get it. $/fun ratio is worth it.

Will post a vid once this rain clears (surrounding regions are on flood alert!).



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thanks glydr, i'll likely use one of these helis as filler on my next "big" order but who knows when that is, I have many items qued up as filler haha. still would be great to see some flying of a box stock one, they look just like an MSr other then the weighted flybar. I still have many battreys from when I had my MSr. it would work out really well.


How many letters do we ge
Plenty of them have been coming in (still to take it off my 'notify me' list) so there is no great rush. I do plan on taking a vid for you but weather is rotten (see article in local paper), but at ~$30... bargain.


This crossing is about 9kms / 5.6miles from my house. No problem though, we are very elevated compared to where that photo was taken. But it illustrates the constant rain we've had (and to think it was a drought not long ago).