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FT Bronco Build

Hi there, I have built now two Broncos, one with the A-tail and one with the OV-10 tail. Both are flying fantastic and the Bronco is really my favorite FT design. Since two years I have gathered more than 300 flights with both of them. I mainly use them to produce GoPro flight videos (without FPV). If anyone is interested in the way I have installed the GoPro on the FT Bronco, have a look at my build videos. In the video descriptions you will also find the links to the free plans.

The first video is showing how to build the Simple GoPro mount (which I also use on the FT Super Bee)

And the second one is the build video for the selfie-stick installation.

You can also find some flight videos on my YouTube channel.
One example:

I also did a design for a rearward facing GoPro mount, but the build video is not yet finalized. I will post a message as soon as it is online.

Hope you find the videos helpful and start some GoPro flying with your own FT Bronco.
I just finished the build video for the GoPro Rear Facing Stick Mount for the FT Bronco. The build is quite similar to the Selfie Stick, except - you guess it – for the fact that it is mounted at the rear of the fuselage, looking backwards. For the link to the free plans, check the description of the video.



Onboard View:


Build Video: