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HK Auto G2 auto gyro

Well, I finally broke down and bought an auto gyro. HK has the G2 on sale for $70, and they happened to have one in the eastern US warehouse, so I ordered it! I have been wanting to try an auto gyro for a while now and I couldn't resist the $70. I'll report again once it arrives.
The G2 got here yesterday. It only took about an half hour to get it assembled. The quality is not bad, typical HK.

Now, as for flying, it's fun. It's fun to watch it whirl around. It looks like it shouldn't fly, but it does. At this writing, only three flights. I am going to see if I can get the wife to come with me in a few minutes, and see if she'll run the camera.
It's not the longest video, she likes to start and stop the camera a lot, but at least she filmed for me. The video is a splice of multiple short clips.