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HK Bixler RX problem


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Hi guys!

Got the RTF Bixler from HK yesterday. I put it together, turned it on, everything was ok. It was too dark to go out, so I waited a day.
Today I turned it on again, to test if everything was okay before going out. Everything was ok. I went out, plugged in the battery and nothing but a blinking light. I got back, re-bound, but nothing. When I bind it it goes like this:

1: Turn on RX with the binding plug. LED flashing
2: Turn on TX holding the Button, RX LED stops flashing, goes solid.
3: Pull binding plug, turn RX off.
4a: After this if I turn RX back on WITHOUT turning TX on, LED becomes solid, but nothing happens. No beeping, no control.
4b: If I turn TX off, back on while RC is off, then power RX on, the light on the RX is just blinking again, and I get nothing... no beeps, no nothing. Please help :(

I don't know if it's normal, but the LED on the Transmitter never blinks. It's always solid.


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When the LED flashing stop and goes solid you can normally release the button you were holding on the TX.

Now just take out your Binding Plug and go fly. You shouldn´t have to take the battery off etc.

The way you did it seems kinda weird. I think what is happening there is that your RX saves the frequency between the RX and TX and the TX doesn´t.

At least that is how it seems to me.

Firstly tell us which radio you´re using.
Secondly have a look at the manual. They should reveal some firsts steps to have a go at and then ask here again:)


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Hi guys! Thanks for the replies. Yes, it's the stock TX / RX which I guess is the HK Orange btw.

@ananas1301: I tried that also. I pull off the binding plug, but nothing happens. This is why I tried turning them off and on as read in a thred on hobbyking. The manual I got is only 4 pages and is only saying a few basic stuff about assembling the plane.

Also when I connect the battery there is no beeping at all. Is that normal if the RX doesn't find the TX? And shouldn't it beep a few when binding was successful?

I really need this to work, because I plan to by a spektrum TX and a few RX, but not yet, as I've already spent ~$300 (bixler, hk-450 kit, and $120 shipping to Hungary). And that's half of the average salary here (well, not mine, but christmas is coming... ;) ). It would be my first plane after my helicopters and I was so excited to try it.

Maybe this is important: It started when I was pulling the battery off. The connector seemed if it's not connecting perfectly, because as I was moving it to disconnect, the RX powered down, then as I was pulling it further off RX went on and then off again. I don't think this sudden off-on-off could harm the RX, but thought might help.
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You could have a badly soldered connection. Check with the Rx if it turns on and off as before while you move the cables to check for a glitchy cable. You can be happy that this has happened on the ground and not in the air.

I'd like someone to confirm my suggestion, as I am not an expert.


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I tried, but nothing changes. Funny thing is two times out of like 200, the ESC beeped 3 shorts when I unplugged it from the RX, but left the battery plugged onto it. And when I bind the RX with the TX, I can unplug and re-plug the RX as many times I like to, it always goes to solid light, like everything was OK, but no beeping, and no reactions to controls. But when I turn tha TX off and back on, the RX loses it, and will blink until I re-bind, and the same story goes on again...

Shoudn't the ESC be beeping when I bind them? I mean like right after the LED goes solid? I don't really want to buy another radio at the moment....


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Sounds like the esc and servo wires might be in backwards. I'd take the connections out of the rx, and turn them to face the other direction.



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They are plugged in the right direction, because everything worked flawlessly a day ago. The brown (black from the ESC) wires are facing to the outer side of the RX. I'll make a video tonight, so it'll make things clear :) I'll also get a new receiver from a friend to try tonight, so if that works, it's definetely the rx... :)


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So, here's the video. What I discovered, is that I don't even need the bind plug on the receiver. Odd...
Sorry for my awful english :) And when I say ON near the end of the video i meant OFF, but I think it'll be obvious :p



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Tried the plane with the borrowed Futaba TX+RX, and everything works like a charm... It's too dark to go outside and fly (7 PM), but I'll go out tomorrow. I guess I just buy a spare ESky receiver, as I have a 6 channel TX for my heli, and this is the cheapest solution for now, and when I have some money, I'll by a spektrum or futaba set :) I'm not so happy about this though...