Hobbyking cheap quad frame - build log.


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Hobbyking cheap quad frame - phantom guts.

Hi all!

When I started this hobby I had a DJI phantom which had so many crashes and modifications that the frame was unusable.
With my last hobbyking order I also added the X550 fibreglass frame kit (15 Euro) and after my huge mistake with using incorrect motors on my hex I decided I wanted to put that aside for the moment and try building the quad.

The frame is actually really nice, it feels great and comes with all the screws and parts you need (no electronics or PDB at all).

Here are some of first assembled parts, those are T-Motor antigravity motors which were on my Phantom which is now in the bin with all the usable parts salvaged.

The parts

The arm

The way to secure the legs and motors.
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Hey Guys!

So I finished the build with the guts of the phantom and it flew really well although I was thinking the components would be warm and they weren't so I'm thinking 4 cell...

Nevertheless, some details of the build.

For the PDB I used the double-sided PCB method as it's compact and I attached the regulator from the phantom which I chopped up:

Build (1 of 10).jpg
First Draft

Build (2 of 10).jpg

Build (3 of 10).jpg
Initial - I hated it, it was so messy

Build (4 of 10).jpg
Cut and ready

Build (5 of 10).jpg
Hole to pass wires through although I didn't end up using it.

Build (6 of 10).jpg
The board stuck onto the PDB

Build (7 of 10).jpg
Soldering on the ESC wires

Build (8 of 10).jpg
The ESC's attached

Build (9 of 10).jpg
All wired up, the grey stuff is the shielding from the phantom which I cut into a circle to shield the naza although I'm not sure it's needed.

Build (10 of 10).jpg
All wired up.

I put on the 11 inch props thinking it would push the motors but they handled it just fine, the tiger motors are great.
I didn't shrink the shrink wrap on the esc bullet connectors and funnily enough, they were the ones which got hot! Strange.

I attached the Fatshark boardcam and tried FPV and it was incredibly daunting and scary. Stupidly enough the auto level on the Naza didn't work very well, I thought the batteries were dead and switched to manual and it had loads of power left, I switched to manual and flew and honestly it was so scary to fly FPV, does anyone have any hints how to get into it?

The whole Naza thing is silly as it really does spoil you into easy flying but now to get the orientation and fly is so challenging, flying manual is super fun though!

Here is a quick flight video.